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Kansans for Conservation is a diverse group of organizations and individuals working together to provide a much needed permanent and protected funding source for conserving and enhancing water quality and natural areas in this state, including parks, trails, fish and wildlife habitat, and agricultural soils. All members of the coalition agree to: 

  • Express and demonstrate support for funding the Kansans for Conservation coalition funding initiative, including be listed as a member of the Kansans for Conservation Coalition.

  • Every member has a financial stake and are committed to annual membership fees. The suggested contribution is a minimum of $500.  However, the Kansans for Conservation do not wish to exclude any members because of financial challenges. If the suggested minimum is unattainable for an organization, organizations may apply for a reduced membership donation or offer labor or in-kind services.   

  • A commitment not to work in opposition to the Kansans for Conservation initiative; however, participants may adopt a position of neutrality on a subject.

  • A commitment of resources (money, time and/or in-kind contributions) to the work of Kansans for Conservation. 

NOTE:  If you would prefer to send a check, please select "In Kind" on the form below and send your check to:

Kansans for Conservation
414 Autumn Ln
Hays, KS 67601

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